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A.K.A JShez

I'm Jon, also known as JShez, a seasoned tech-leader hailing from London, immersed in the UK tech scene for two decades. Here I'm sharing how I build tech fast & lean, along with the realities of building a startup amidst the current UK environment.

These days I work in React. Prior to the emergence of Next.js, I co-authored a framework for isomorphic React.js apps, & I'm now dedicating my focus to truly cross-platform code-bases with React Native & Tamagui.

In Startup World, I'm a long-time listener, first-time caller. After finding my first job on Hacker News, 15 years passed before I jumped in & co-founded Now I want to discuss the challenges of entrepreneurship in the UK. I believe the UK has 1000s of future entrepreneurs blocked by an understanding gap, the mental block of traditional career norms, & fundraising roadblocks.

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Rainy weather, sunny outlook.

August 2023 in Britain. Europe burns in heat waves, the UK drowns in the wettest July on record. Despite the gloomy weather outlook, I've been tripping the light fantastic over a slew of technological advances in the last few weeks. Here are just a few alphanumeric reasons, to remain (or