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Rainy weather, sunny outlook.

Jon Sherrard
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August 2023 in Britain. Europe burns in heat waves, the UK drowns in the wettest July on record. Despite the gloomy weather outlook, I've been tripping the light fantastic over a slew of technological advances in the last few weeks.

Here are just a few alphanumeric reasons, to remain (or become) techno-optimistic:

N3pG 🧠
- 30 years in the making -> Delays onset of Alzheimer's by 20%

OAH1996 🩻
- 20 years in the making -> Prevents certain cancer cells replicating

AP1000 🔋
- 30 years in the making -> Cheaper, smaller, safer reactor goes online in the USA

LK99 ⚗️
- 24 years in the making -> Room-temperature ambient pressure superconducting material. If real - changes everything.


GPT4 🤖 (Honourable mention even though we're all used to it now)
- 30 years in the making -> Infinite applications - cheap - democratised intelligence through transformer based LLMs. Melted rocks, applied electrons, got intelligence. I'm still finding new ways to apply it to my work and life


It's hard to fathom what's coming over the next 20-30 years, especially when you compound superconductors and AI alone.



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